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Dongfeng Citroen posts YoY delivery growth of 5% during past two months

Shiny From Gasgoo| March 06,2018

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Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Dongfeng Citroen posted a YoY delivery rise of 5% to 20,593 units during January and February, according to the official information from Dongfeng Citroen. 

According to the official information, Dongfeng Citroen delivered 19,182 units with a YoY surge of 32% during the first two months of 2018. In fact, Dongfeng Citroen has been seeing sales growth from the beginning of 2018. In January, the company sold 13,850 vehicles, soaring 68.9% compared with 8,200 in the same month last year. 

It is noteworthy that Dongfeng Citroen enjoyed consecutive MoM sales growth since the launch of the AirCross. The company delivered 10,000 units of the SUV model in August, 2017 and boasted monthly sales of 22,600 units in December, 2017.

In addition, the vehicle brand set a delivery target of 170,000 units in 2018 at the 2018 Dongfeng Citroen Dealer Convention. In order to realize this target, Dongfeng Citroen claimed to improve itself in the following six aspects:

First, Dongfeng Citroen will refresh the brand meaning and reshape its brand image. Second, Dongfeng Citroen will improve the overall efficiency and capability of its marketing system. Third, Dongfeng Citroen will foster the capability of product planning and R&D to optimize the product groups. Fourth, Dongfeng Citroen will improve its competitiveness in cost and profitability. Fifth, Dongfeng Citroen will enhance the R&D and operating capabilities in connected vehicles and new energy products to meet the changes in the Chinese market. At last, Dongfeng Citroen will improve the quality of objects and services match its brand value.

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