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DPCA carries out greatest ever reform

Annie From Gasgoo| December 25 , 2017

Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, PSA China, Peugeot China, Citroen China

Shanghai (Gasgoo)– It is reported that Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company Ltd (DPCA) recently released its industrial reform program. The program talks about three major factories in Wuhan merging into one, setting up a manufacturing headquarter, and integrating management functions to realize unified management of factories in all regions.

It is understood that the core of the industrial reform is mainly manifested in four aspects: factory, organizational structure, functional department, and logistics department.

At the factory level, three factories in Wuhan will merge into Wuhan factory, with three divisions: economic and management division, production division, as well as equipment support division, and three production units (second-level department).

At the overall organizational structure level, DPCA will set up a manufacturing headquarter to undertake the overall industrial performance quota. Under the headquarter, there are five first-level departments (factories): supply chain management department, manufacturing engineering department, Wuhan factory, Xiangyang factory, and Chengdu factory.

In terms of functional department, the manufacturing support department is renamed as manufacturing engineering department. It includes five divisions: manufacturing management division, industrial planning & project management division, body technology division, equipment management division, and safety & environmental protection division.

On the other hand, production control and logistics department changed its name to supply chain management department. Under the department, there are four divisions, namely production planning division, vehicle storage & transportation division, logistics planning division, and trade division.

Su Weibin, general manager of DPCA, said that the industrial reform is the continuation of all-round deepening of reform. It is also an urgent need for improving efficiency and performance level, as well as promoting standardized, autonomous and integrated factory management.

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