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HIWAY to introduce intelligent tire product in 2019

From Gasgoo| December 08 , 2017

intelligent tire, HIWAY TIRE

The Automechanika Shanghai was held at the convention center in Shanghai from November 29 to December 2, 2017. At the exhibition, the intelligent tire product of Guangdong Hiway Integrated Circuit Technology Company Limited (hereinafter called “HIWAY”) is one of the few innovation highlights. The intelligent tire not only brings new changes to the traditional rubber tire industry, but also provides richer information for smart car driving in the future. Meanwhile, it brings a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

HIWAY announced that it plans to launch three generations of intelligent tire products/solutions: basic function type, enhanced function type and driving assisted type based on the technological breakthrough of self-developed integrated circuit, sensor, energy generator and advanced algorithm at the exhibition. It also provides value-added services based on big data related to intelligent tire. HIWAY is the first company in China to offer intelligent tire product/solution which will provide strong support for the development of smart cars.

Transform Tires into Active Sensor Device

Doctor Zhang Zheming, director of R&D for intelligent tire projects of HIWAY, said, “At present, the research and development of smart car technology focuses on the area of vehicle obstacle avoidance sensors, including Lidar, Radar, and camera and so on, which can provide information about the surrounding objects to the driver. However, how to collect information about the running tire and the pavement still plagues the automotive industry. Without feedback and support of the basic information from the intelligent tires, it is difficult for the smart car driving to reach a highest stage of “Full Self-driving”. After all, as the tire is the only part of the car that touches the ground, intelligent tire sensor technology is as important as Lidar and Radar technology.

The tire is traditionally a passive device. With the sensor implanted in the tire, the tire changes from a passive actuated system to an active sensing system. Then the information about the tire and the pavement will be collected for the vehicle control system, which strengthens the car controllability and provides information to smart car for making decisions during driving. Smart cars are the emphasis of the industry. With the development of technology, the research institutes and automakers will realize that intelligent tires play an important role in intelligent driving technology.

Build core competiveness by virtue of technology advantages and expand shares in application market

In spite of decades of efforts from the international tire industry, it cannot be commercialized because of technology restriction and industry development bottleneck. At present, with the technological advancement and the technology transformation of the automobile intelligent network, intelligent tires are expected to move from lab to the market. As for technical preparation in this area, HIWAY has taken the lead in the world.

Doctor Zhang Zheming introduces that HIWAY has more than 40 invention patents in intelligent tires. HIWAY has gathered the top R&D forces home and abroad to develop intelligent tire. As China is the biggest auto market in the world, intelligent tire has huge market in such segments as individual drivers, the logistics/public-transport enterprises, the service-provider of the high accuracy map, the tire e-commerce platform and the government traffic control system. HIWAY is a customer-oriented company and is willing to form open cooperation with global partners in the field of intelligent tires to make competitive products and services.

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