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FAW Besturn Releases D-Life 2.0 System

Annie Liu From Gasgoo| November 29 , 2017

FAW Besturn news,  FAW Besturn D-Life system

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- At Auto Guangzhou 2017, FAW Besturn released D-Life 2.0 system. In addition to the functions in last D-Life system, such as, voice assistant, social, active service and other functions, D-Life 2.0 system also supports the connection and control between the phone and the vehicle.

D-Life 2.0 system provides users with the experience of remote control. In the event of vehicle failure, the user can call customer service through APP. In addition, D-Life 2.0 system also supports vehicles-diagnostic system, which can ensure timely detection of vehicle problems.

D-Life 2.0 system helps users to find the vehicle

When the user sends a car-seeking command via the mobile phone, the vehicle would offer visual and audible signals through a horn and three times flashes of turn signals to tell the user where the vehicle is.

D-Life 2.0 system helps to warm up the engine

Equipped with D-Life 2.0 system, Besturn’s engine can be warmed up remotely through APP on the phone. The user can set the time for the engine to start. In addition, air conditioner can be remotely controlled through APP.

D-Life 2.0 system helps to monitor vehicles

Users can check the state of doors, lights, trunk, as well as sunroof, and can remotely shut down them through APP.

D-Life 2.0 system helps to check real-time status

Vehicles diagnostic system tells the users which part of the vehicle has a problem. They can also call 4S for help through the APP.

D-Life 2.0 system and the introduction of the corresponding APP not only help to solve various problems encountered in using cars, but also achieve the seamless connection between the vehicle and the phone. It is intelligent connection in a real sense.

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