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Volvo Group shows the automatic driving truck to the public in Beijing for the first time

Daisy From Gasgoo| November 17 , 2017

Volvo group autonomous truck china

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On November 15th, Volvo showed an automatic driving truck to the public in Beijing for the first time. The truck is used for goods transportation between hubs.

It is said that this automatic driving truck is used for "hub to hub" cargo transportation like port, highway lanes and other semi enclosed areas. 

Based on the existing Volvo FH truck platform, this groundbreaking truck achieves complete autonomous navigation and automatic driving. With the help of laser radar and GPS technology, the truck can sustainably identify the surrounding environment and walk through the fixed and movable obstruction. At the same time it also can collect data by the use of vehicle traffic system and optimize the route, road safety and fuel consumption performance. Volvo group said that the truck can be perfectly integrated into the whole cargo delivery solution controlled by client without manual intervention.

Volvo group has developed automatic driving technology for many years and it has developed a concept car suitable for mine, gravel and other enclosed area. The group also has been committed to the development of transportation solutions for the future, aiming to explore how to improve the efficiency of transportation, safety and reduce the impact on the environment by automatic driving.

Volvo Group CEO Martin Lundstedt said, "Although this technology may need several years to achieve mass production, there is no doubt that it will affect our future products, and help us to build a smart society in the future. No matter which kind of transportation solution will be developed, safety is our primary priority, and safety runs through all of our automatic driving projects."

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