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Intelligent connected, new energy vehicle may help China to overtake foreign counterparts

Daisy Huang From Gasgoo| November 16 , 2017

China new energy vehicle development, China internet connected vehicle

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- For the new energy, connected vehicle and intelligence development trend of the automotive industry, KPMG China technology and information industry executive partner Wu Jianlin says, although in the traditional automotive field, German and American vehicles occupy a dominant position, the starting line differences in the intelligent connected and new energy vehicle fields, is not much, because the whole structure, components and energy must have a new beginning, “Especially in the power system and the battery system, there are basically new things".

Therefore, he stresses new energy vehicle segmetn is a good opportunity for China. The manufacturers and new companies can resort to these segmetns to make a breakthrough.

In Wu’s view, the competition in the future automobile industry will focus on two aspects. One is the hardware such as mileage, power battery, lightweight and emission parts. The other is the realization of the intelligent connection function.

Wu Jianlin says, according to the survey, KPMG also finds that for new energy vehicles, there are 32% of respondents who hope to have a L3-featured vehicle (liberation of hands ), 49% of respondents hope for L4 features (liberation of hands and eyes). In addition, there are a considerable number of respondents expecting to increase traffic safety in an intelligent way in case of emergency by auxiliary driving.

For the discussion about automatic driving safety, Wu Jianlin says the development of automatic driving is a positive effect on the travel mode and life safety of people. If one day we can keep the hands off the steering wheel and reading there when driving, the quality of life will be improved.

But Wu Jianlin also admits that automatic driving has a relatively long way to go in China. In the future if automatic driving is allowed, it must be a fully automatic driving state. He stresses that "automatic driving plus driver" environment is more complicate than the fully automatic driving, because a lot of drivers who do not obey traffic rules will bring great challenges to automatic driving.

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