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Some Chinese cities need nine years to cover cost for sharing cars

Nancy From 盖世汽车| September 25 , 2017

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Shanghai (Gasgoo)-With the concept of sharing grows increasingly popular, sharing cars can be easily seen everywhere in megacities, like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, etc. But there exists a wide variety of problems for sharing cars, such as their parking, renting, and returning. It's also difficult for the entrepreneurs to handle the problems in cost, transport capacity and profits, etc.

Large-scale development: sharing cars increased nearly quadruple in one year

Last year, EVCARD had more than 3,000 sharing cars nationwide, but this year the total volume surged quadruple to more than 11,200 units. It is believed that the market of sharing cars will become increasingly mature.

Low transportation capacity: the average rate of utilized sharing cars is just 75%

Sharing car requires high-efficient and robust operations to support its business mode. This sector not only needs supports of long-time battery capacity, parking lot resources, cost, and Internet data, but also need to make an overall plan and strategies. Now most of the sharing cars are NEVs, they need fixed parking lots and charging posts. But the parking lots are rare at hot places in large cities. These above difficulties make sharing cars hardly to guarantee high-efficient operation. Now the average rate of utilized sharing cars is just 75%, which can hardly satisfy the customers' needs.

High cost: heavily-invested sharing cars transform to reduce cost

The operational cost of a sharing car constitutes car-purchasing, parking lot, charging post, and human operations. Among them, the cost of a car takes up 70% of the total operation. In the future, the cost of a sharing car is expected to be reduced, and the reduction of the sharing cars is beneficial for reducing operation cost and improving operational capability.

Low profits: some cities may spend nine years to cover cost

Statistics shows that it's really difficult to cover the cost of sharing cars, saying that it needs nine years to cover the whole cost of sharing cars in a city. Only in Shanghai, the sharing cars now can make profits. 

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