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GAC found new energy company in July, enter high-end market

Daisy Huang From 盖世汽车| July 28 , 2017

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Shanghai 28th July 2017 Gasgoo-GAC's new breakthrough Trumpchi GE3 officially listed a few days ago, which was built in the exclusive electric strategic platform. The price ranges from 222 thousand and 800 Yuan to 245 thousand and 800 Yuan, excluding state and local subsidies, the price ranges from 150 thousand and 200 Yuan to 173 thousand and 200 Yuan. The listing of GE3 fully improves the distribution in the field of new energy products of GAC Trumpchi. Gu Huinan, the preparatory working group leader of GAC new energy vehicles company, deputy general manager of GAMC says, in order to distribute the future market, GAC's new subsidiary GAC New Energy Company will be formally established at the end of July.

New EV enter the high-end market

It takes 4 years to build Trumpchi GE3 and the design inspiration is from the "Low Poly" design language, this is a genre of cubism in early twentieth Century, which embodies artistic character, sense of technology and quality.

Trumpchi GE3 is built in the leading pure electric technology platform, which is independently researched and developed by GAC, the layout of battery, motor and electric control system is more reasonable; and the vehicle is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor with peak torque of 290Nm and maximum power of 132kW, one hundred kilometers acceleration only costs 9.3 seconds; ternary lithium battery technology is used, under comprehensive condition, the electric mileage exceed 310km, electric quantity can reach up to 80% by half-hour DC fast charging.

"The GE3 is built in exclusive pure electric platform, after battery density increase and motor miniaturization in the future, it will have more space. So in the research and development stage, pure electric characteristics have been tapped."  Gu Huinan says, GE3 is strive to be a high-end car in new energy field.

New Energy company will be formally founded

Since this year, GAC Trumpchi have issued three new energy vehicles.  At the same time, GAC is accelerating the establishment of the New Energy Company in order to strengthen the layout of new energy vehicles.

Why is GAC so optimistic about the market?  Gu Huinan says it is based on the industry's judgment: in the future, Chinese vehicles market must be electric, intelligent and sharing. That is to say, probably in 2021 the entire car market will feel the impact of electric vehicles.

Of course, it is not enough to rely on the single judgment, what is the support behind? The first are problems of mileage and battery charging, solving the two major points means basically solve the problem which consumers are concerned about, the rest are factories’ efforts, such as products quality."  Gu Huinan says, “judging from the present situation, GAC new energy field accumulation has been in the outbreak period.”

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