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New Energy Auto Population in May Over One Million, Geely Has Carsharing Potential

Daisy Huang From 盖世汽车| June 15 , 2017

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In May, Chinese new energy vehicles owership ranked first in the world. Latest news shows that with the global energy and environmental issues continue to be prominent, the development of new energy vehicles has become the consensus of the world. China's new energy automobile production and sales exceeded 500 thousand units, ranking first in two consecutive years, and what is the trend of new energy in the future?

With new auto manufactures are becoming more, new energy vehicles have become the most promising development direction of automobile industry. In 2018, the implementation of double integral system in our country will gradually replace the new energy vehicles subsidy policy. 

In Li Jinyong’s opinion, Secretary General of the new energy automobile of CADCC, enterprises which have the new energy cars technology will further increase the intensity of production, other companies only be able to buy integration from new energy automobile enterprises. These policies will potentially influence the sales and service of new energy vehicles.
The business model, customer service and customer service experience of new energy automobile are different from the traditional fuel vehicles, so will 4S shop to be needed by new energy vehicles?

The general manager assistant of Zhejiang new energy automobile sales company Chu Shaohua believes that traditional sales model is not suitable for the new energy vehicles, under shared thinking on Internet, personal car buying will become less in the future, and car sharing will be increasingly common, so the dealer should change the business ideas and marketing concept, adapting to the development of new energy car. 

For customer service, Li Jinyong said: "If sticking to the traditional business model, new energy automobile customer service will be less profitable, it means that even if the there be the need of 4S shop, the size and configuration should be reduced."

Now the sales methods of new energy vehicle are various, there is no need to buy from 4S. And the popularization of new energy vehicles has been started from carsharing, and most of the earliest carsharing are independent brand, such as Geely Bo Yue, Changan Yue Xiang and Harvard H6, they all has the potential to become new energy sharing vehicles in the future.

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