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New Mercedes-AMG models to hit the road in China next year

Joanne From www.gasgoo.com| July 04 , 2007

The luxury car market in China is heating up. In order to stay ahead of its competition, Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce two AMG models here next year.

"The luxury car sales in China will increase by 23 to 24 percent while the Mercedes-Benz sports car sales is expected to jump 30% or more," said Klaus Maier, CEO of Mercedes-Benz China.

New Mercedes-AMG models to hit the road in China next year

According to the local media, Mercedes-Benz will introduce one or two AMG models into China next year. Apart from being the most iconic model of Mercedes-Benz', AMG is also one of its best-selling models around the world. As the demand for sports car rose, Mercedes is seizing this opportunity to further boost its sales and to emerge as a clear winner in this segment.

In the second half of this year, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that it will bring in CLK280SL and CLK350 cabriolets in the form of knock down kits. Before this, four sports models---the CLS coupe, SLK and SL sports cars, and CLK cabriolet have already been imported into China.

Founded in 1967, AMG has always pride itself for producing high-performance sports cars. Years later, Mercedes-Benz took over 51 percent shares from AMG and this led to the birth of Mercedes-AMG Co. By introducing AMG models into China, the German car maker is se to accelerate on the express lane here.

During the first five months this year, sales of Mercedes-Benz vehicles soared 23 percent to 11,200 units in mainland China and in Hong Kong; sales from the mainland alone went up by 34% Y/Y.

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