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China Auto-industry to break 8m units with 15% up 07

Lory From GAS| January 22 , 2007

China Auto-industry to break 8m units with 15% up 07

The standing vice director of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers forecast that 2007 auto market would continue growing by two digits in present market. It's expected that the growth rate would be 15% and over 8 million units, in which sedan growth would be higher than average.

Insiders thought the policies would remain the same and it's unlikely to levy fuel tax since the roads maintenance fee of 2007 have been collecting. However, some vehicles whose emission doesn't meet the standard would be affected by the regulation of emission. Another obvious trend is that more and more private car owners pursue individualized models. By the statistics, the private car grew fast from 58% in 2001 to present 80%. In 2006, the automobile sales volume and output were both over 7.2 million units, up 25%.

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