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Toyota Camry targets 150,000 units 2007

Shingo From GAS| January 19 , 2007

Yuan Zhongrong, the vice executive manager of Guangzhou Toyota, said recently, Guangzhou Toyota planed to produce and sell 150,000 vehicles in 2007, "Guangzhou Toyota" outlet will be built more than 160.

Earlier, in the peak period of everbright Accord, its annual sales nevertheless were 120,000. If Guangzhou Toyota' plans of 150,000 could be achieved, Camry will become the senior models of single largest output in China's automobile history. It also means Guangzhou Toyota will take Camry as a momentum, to overtake Accord, Passat and become the most popular model in middle / high-class cars market in China.

In 2006, Toyota had received 80,000 Camry official orders, produced 61,340, and Sold more than 60,000 vehicles, outperformed the 2006 target. Guangzhou Toyota realized "benefit from the investment in the same year". "Originally we thought that 2006 will be a loss, but it turned back to a good profit, just tax revenue was more than 1.7 billion Yuan." Yuan Zhongrong said.

Guangzhou Toyota factory was built in 2004, within 18 months, Toyota built a modern factory of world's most advanced standards Hailed as the "model factories overseas of Toyota in 21st century."

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