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Catalogue of Industries, Products and Technology Currently Particularly Encouraged by the State for Development (1)

From www.gasgoo.com| May 30 , 2007

(Promulgated by Decree No. 6 of the State Planning Commission on
December 31, 1997)

--Improvement of fine plant and animal varieties and prevention and treatment technologies of major plant diseases and insect pests
--Detoxicated sprout
--Soilless cultivation of vegetables and flowers
--High-yielding and high-efficiency model cultivation
--Development and popularization of advanced agricultural techniques
--Storage, preservation, processing and comprehensive utilization of agricultural products
--Comprehensive treatment of low and medium yielding fields
--Development of wasteland, wastemountain, desert and tidal-flat area suitable for farming
--Construction of production bases for agricultural products such as commodity grain, cotton, oil and sugar, etc.
--Dry farming, water-saving farming and bio-farming
--Natural rubber
--Grass planting and grassland construction
--Cultivation of famous, specialty and quality aquatic products
--Biological agricultural chemicals
--High effective, low-toxic and hazard-free agricultural chemicals
--New type agricultural films
--New type vaccine and chemicals for animals
--Cattle and sheep embryonic implantation
--Technical renovation of fishing boats
--Feedstuff additives and supporting utilization

--Selection, cultivation and hereditary improvement of fine tree varieties
--Reproduction, cultivation and storage of fine varieties of flowers, seeds for economic trees
--Prevention and treatment of forest disasters
--Fast a forestation in bio-environmentally fragile regions in special difficulties
--Fast-growing and high-yielding forest
--Shelter forest engineering
--Restoration project of forest resources
--Prevention and treatment of desertification
--Wood-pulp paper-making in auxiliary basses of raw material forests
--Deep processing and serial products of wood, planted forest, small-calibred wood and remnants of forest areas
--Bamboo engineering materials and plant fibre engineering materials
--Deep processing of forest chemical products
--Tree bio-active materials
--New materials for sand stabilization, water conservation and soil improvement

--Treatment project of flood prevention and control of big rivers and lakes
--Interbasin water diversion project
--Water project in areas in shortage of water resources
--Project of water diversion and drinkable water for human and livestock of arid areas
--Safety construction of flood storage and detention areas
--Defense, maintenance and construction of sea embankment
--Dredging of rivers, lakes and reservoirs
--Risk-elimination and fortification of dangerous reservoirs and embankment
--Pivotal project for comprehensive utilization of water conservancy
--Technologies and facility construction for water and soil preservation
--Development and utilization of brackish water, water of inferior quality and sea water, and desalinization of sea water
--Protection and development of water energy resources
--Geotechnical synthetic materials in water conservancy projects
--Technologies, equipment and methods for high-efficiency water distribution and transmission as well as water-saving irrigation
--High-efficiency, abrasion-resistant, low-lift and large-volume water pumps
--Automatic water forecast and automation system for flood-prevention coordination
--CAD serial software for water conservancy projects
--Apparatus and equipment for the collection of hydrologic data

--Infrastructure technologies and equipment of automatic meteorological stations
--Equipment for observation and analysis of special weather
--Doppler Radar technologies and equipment

--Prospecting of mine geology and geophysics
--Large and medium-sized, high-efficiency open-air coal mine
--Large and medium-sized, high-efficiency coal preparation plant
--Prevention and control of mine gas, coal dust, mine water and mine fire
--Industrial coal
--Water coal pulp
--Gasification and liquidation of coal
--Prospecting, development and utilization of coal seam gas
--Development and utilization of low heat value fuel and associated mine resources
--Pipeline coal transport

--Hydro-power generation
--Large coal mine pit-head power station
--Combined production of heat and electricity
--Power generation by solar energy, geothermal energy, marine energy, waste and biomass energy, and large-sized wind power generation
--Gas combined cycling power generation
--Clean coal power generation
--Long-distance super-high-voltage power distribution and transmission
--Renovation and construction of power grid

--Million KW class nuclear power station with pressurized water reactor
--Low-temperature nuclear heat-supply reactor, faster neutron breeder reactor and fusion reactor
--Advanced selection and smelting of uranium mine
--High-performance nuclear fuel parts
--After-finishing of exhaust fuel
--Meters and apparatus of nuclear analysis and detection
--Isotope and application of irradiation

--Exploration of oil and natural gas
--Exploitation of oil and natural gas
--Pipeline transport of crude oil
--Pipeline transport of natural gas
--Oil reserve
--Comprehensive utilization of oil, gas and associated [email protected]@[email protected]@

--Railway trunk line network
--Speed acceleration of existing railways
--High-speed railway system
--25 tons axle load, heavy-duty freight transport
--Technical guarantee system for driving safety on railways
--Heavy-duty and high-quality steel rails and new type sleepers
--Automation of marshaling stations, mechanization of loading and unloading and equipment of freight yard
--Railway equipment for passenger and cargo transport
--Railway information system for passenger and cargo transport
--Railway container transport

--National trunk line road network
--Intelligent road transport system
--Express road passenger and cargo transport
--New materials for road projects
--Designing and manufacturing of new-type road machines and equipment
--Road container transport

--Key coastal ports
--Inland river trunk line waterways and quays
--Standardization, systemization and modernization of shipping transport
--Loading and unloading automation in large ports
--EDI system for ocean shipping
--Water transport control system
--Designing and manufacturing of new-type machines and equipment for ports
--Water container transport
--Consolidated transport of containers

--Civil airports
--High-performance airport security inspection equipment
--Air traffic control system

--Key technologies and equipment for stratosphere telecommunication system
--Digital synchronous serial optical fibre telecommunication system and equipment of over 622 Mb/s
--Digital synchronous serial microwave telecommunication system and equipment of over 155 Mb/s
--Digital mobile telecommunication system and equipment (GSM, CDMA,
DCS1800. etc.)
--ISDN system and equipment
--New technologies and equipment supporting telecommunication network
--Equipment for satellite communication system and earth station
--Equipment for broadcasting satellite and earth station
--Equipment for satellite mobile telecommunication system
--Equipment for wire and wireless subscriber accessing system
--Equipment for ATM wide-belt photoelectric transmission system
--Intelligent network and application equipment
--Equipment for digital group telecommunication system
--Automatic processing system of letters and parcels, etc.

--High-efficiency mineral separation and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources
--Direct reduction
--Bobble sintering and palletizing sintering
--Transformed coal coking and tamping coking
--Dry quenching
--High-wind-warm syndrome long-life hot-air furnace
--Oxygen-enriched powder injection of blast furnace
--Comprehensive technologies for high-efficiency and long-life blast furnace
--Super-high-power electric furnace and comprehensive energy-saving technologies
--Slay splashing technology basic oxygen furnace and maintenance technologies for converters
--High-efficiency continuous casting
--Continuous casted bloom hot charge of continuous casting billet
--Melt-out reduction
--Near-net shape continuous casting and rolling of sheet billet and thin slab
--Comprehensive metallurgical automation
--Controlled rolling and controlled cooling
--Slab control
--Coated and plated surface
--Low-alloy steel and micro-alloy steel
--Converter steelmaking at or over 50 tons
--Stainless steelmaking
--Cold-rolled silicon steel plates
--Hot and cold-rolled steel sheet
--Steel tubes for oil
--Processing and treatment of scrap steel
--Exploitation of high bauxite and hard clay mine and grog production
--Environmental protection in metallurgical industry and comprehensive development of metallurgical waste

--Exploitation of deep and hard mines
--Non-ferrous compound materials and new alloy materials
--Aluminum oxide made from Diaspora bauxite
--Strengthening smelting/wet-process smelting of non-ferrous metals
--Amorphous alloy strip
--Supercritical extraction
--High-efficiency, energy-saving ore dressing and electro-chemical control floating dressing
--Aluminum electrolysis in large pre-backed cell
--Rapid casting and rolling of aluminum and alloys thereof
--Single crystal chips and poly-crystal at or above 8 inches
--High-performance dressing preparations
--High-performance, high-precision hard alloys, tin chemicals, antimony chemicals and ceramic materials
--High-performance magnetic materials
--Superfine powder materials, electronic size materials and products thereof
--New braking materials
--Comprehensive development of multi-metallic deposit
--Comprehensive utilization and development of rare earth, rare and dissipated metals
--Comprehensive development salt lake resources
--Development of gold ores using new baking process, hot-press pre-oxidezation and cyanidation,as well as bacterial oxidization-cyanidation extraction
--Comprehensive retrieving of gold fume

--Scientific use of fertilizer (soil testing, new fertilizers, special fertilizers)
--Large-scale synthesis of ammonium and urea
--Large-and medium-scale production of high-concentration phospho-potash fertilizer and compound fertilizer thereof
--Compound fertilizer with trace elements for plants
--Pressure gassification of water coal pulp
--New, high-efficiency catalysts
--Potassium chloride (at or above 200,000 tons/ year) and potassium sulfate (above 10,000 tons/ year)
--Modified compound fertilizer of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate
--Production of phosphamidon grain and ternary compound fertilizers with cylinder reactor
--Urea coating
--Slurry-type production of sulfuric cement with phosphamidon and ardealite (at or above 30,000 tons/year)
--Sullenly ternary fertilizer
--Rare earth compound fertilizer
--High purity phosphorus pentasufide
--Sulfate refining using advanced wet process
--Low toxic sodium bichromade
--Cymay (10,000 tons)
--Gas-phase production of white carbon black (5,000 tons/year)
--Large-and medium-scale chemical mines
--Organic single silico organic fluoride and other new chemical products
--New,fine chemical products
--Large coal chemicals
--Ionic film for producing caustic soda
--Titanium white through chlorinating
--High-performance radial tyre
--High-performance radial tyre farming materials
--Treatment and comprehensive use of exhaust gas,discharge liquid and waste slag

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