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FAW growth in Q1 was 3 percent ahead of industry level

Ally From www.gasgoo.com| April 28 , 2007

FAW Group, one of Volkswagen AG's China partners, said it sold 25.9% more vehicles in the first quarter than a year earlier with volume of 328,100 units. Sales went up 25.6% to 40.4 billion Yuan. The group's 25.4 growth rate was three percent higher than the industry.

The progress made depends on many factors: Firstly as its very hard for a large scale group to increase ahead of the industry, the structure plan carrying on inside the group in recent years contributed a lot to this achievement; Secondly the joint ventures are playing more and more important roles on promoting the group's performance, of which FAW-VW alone has sold 40,000 vehicles in the third month; The third reason is that sales of heavy-duty trucks are surging by leaps and bounds, of which sales of Jiefang brand truck jumped 51.76 percent to 30,700 units in the first quarter; As always, sedan sales lead the group by representing 77.8 percent of the total; Last but not least, the improvement in sales marketing capacities also helps to boost the overall sales.

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