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China auto electronics market worth 90 to 100 bln Yuan

Jorvan From www.gasgoo.com| April 27 , 2007

"As China's automobile industry develops, and automotive electronic applications constantly expands, it is expected that China's auto market will reach 8 million this year, domestic auto electronics market is at least with a capital of 90 to 100 billion Yuan." Xu Xiaotian said on 25th, secretary general of China Semiconductor Industry Association.

The global data showed that the automotive electronics market is predictable. It is predicted in the next few years, the automotive electronics semiconductor market will be 7.7% of compound annual growth rate, which is doubled than the growth rate of global automobile markets. By 2010, it is expected that the scale of the automotive electronic semiconductor products industry is about 21.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Xu Xiaotian believes in the continuous development of the domestic auto industry, auto electronic and electric control as well as electric products, which accounts for an increasing proportion of vehicles. This is the reason why transnational automotive electronics giants are constantly looking for domestic partners in the past few years, and setting up research and development centers in China.

The average proportion of China's auto electronic products in vehicle cost has exceeded 10%, compared to the world's average level of 25%, there is a big gap, so there is a tremendous space for China's automotive electronics market development.

Xu Xiaotian also emphasized that China's automobile electronics industry should continuously pursue independent innovation, and the domestic market should have its own industrial chain and platform with self-owned intellectual property.

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