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The China Factor

From www.gasgoo.com| May 24 , 2007
Deloitte---Manufacturers know that China will transform how they do business in the future. To be successful in the global marketplace, it is important that they devise a strategy that not only addresses near-term challenges but longerterm opportunities as well. A successful approach to China requires enhancing an understanding of how China differs from other markets they are accustomed to and how China is evolving, both internally and as a player in the global economy. Using that understanding, manufacturers can put together the right strategy, structure, people and processes to achieve their vision. Manufacturers must consider that China-related opportunities are growing and diversifying. China is no longer just a low-cost source of goods but also an increasingly sophisticated manufacturing center and consumer market in its own right. The facts are both heartening and sobering. Competing successfully in today’s China is directly tied to remaining competitive everywhere else.

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